Artist Antonio A.McCall


 Matter that emits little or no detectable radiation; Gravitational forces observed on many astronomical objects suggest  the significant presence of such matter in the universe. 

Its exact nature is not well understood, but it may be largely  composed of varieties of subatomic particles that have not yet been discovered, 

as well as the mass of black holes and  of stars too dim to observe.

My paintings fill a space sometimes a 16x20 space with endless views of boundless emotions.

Swirls of minuscule particles gleaming in the light deliver the viewer into rivers of tangible emotions.  

My paintings remind me of a textural symphony never missing a single note.

Rich tones represent the passion I bring to everything that I do. The use of found objects mirrors my resourcefulness and eagerness to make things new.

I live life as free and uninhibited as I possibly can.

Each time I sit down in front of a blank white canvas I sit there with only a few things my present energy and God.

The vastitude of them both provides my paints, and canvas the infiniteness it needs.

Emotions are natural instinctive states of mind deriving from one's circumstances.

I allow these circumstances to put me in a trace a vase expanse. With most of my formal training being in photography I capture these

moments using quality of light and a poignant composed styling.

When we listen to our favorite song that one song that will always make us cry or smile,

there’s always a turn in the song.

My paintings like that song pulls the viewer in and keeps them there until they are delivered.

Like anything

worth experiencing my paintings are ready to be enjoyed

again and again.